Project BIND

As part of the Boston Inclusion Network for Disabilities, we believe inclusion is more than placement, it’s being part of what everyone else is doing, being welcomed and embraced as a person – and a Club member – who belongs.

On any given day, you will find children of all abilities participating in various activities at BGCD; whether it is learning to shoot a basketball, getting homework help or participating in early education. We encourage parents of children with unique needs to set up a meeting and tour with our Inclusion Coordinator to discuss program opportunities for their child.

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Erin Ferrara

Project BIND Schedule: Spring 2024

  • MARTIN RICHARD CHALLENGER BASEBALL — Sundays at 10 AM | McConnell Park


  • FLOORBALL — Ever other Sunday at 10 AM | Marr Building


  • RUGBY WITH THE NE FREE JACKS — Wednesdays at 6 PM | Marr Building


  • 1:1 SWIM — Wednesdays at 6 – 8 PM | Leahy Holloran Community Center

Below are examples of the different enrichment programs we offer.

In partnership with the Martin Richard Foundation, the Club offers a series of “Challenger” sports which allows young people with developmental and physical disabilities to enjoy the full benefits of soccer, basketball, baseball, and swimming participation in a safe athletic environment structured to their abilities. Volunteer Buddies assist the athletes throughout each season. We are always happy to welcome individuals (youth and adults) who would like to serve as Buddies.

With a one-on-one student to teacher ratio, swimmers can develop and improve their skills in an environment structured to their individual needs. Our goal is to provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where every child can experience the joy of swimming. This program is exclusively for youth with disabilities. *Spots are limited. Pre-registration is required.*

An introductory adaptive dance program that is designed to make the joy of dance accessible to children of all abilities. Our instructors create a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can thrive. This program is for youth ages 6-10 of all abilities. Occupational Therapy students from BU teach this class as part of their Global Leadership Experience. *Pre-registration is required for both programs.*

During February and April school vacations we offer Life Skills week. Teens participate in activities focused on developing life skills, social skills and self-confidence. During the summer, we offer a modified 4-week experience that includes recreation and career building components. Members also build positive relationships with law enforcement officers through PAL’s Junior Police Academy.

Music Therapy provides a structured, engaging experience through which measurable goals and objectives can be reached in order to support individual and group needs while improving quality of life. Weekly sessions are provided in a structured manner addressing social, physical, emotional, communication, cognitive, musical and spiritual domain areas. Singing, songwriting, lyric or song recreation, instrument playing, improvisation, movement and music, karaoke, technology exploration, adaptive lessons, lyric analysis, receptive music, music games, drum circle improvisation are all interventions we use.

Saturday Camp is a FREE inclusive camp with sports, crafts & other recreational activities for children ages 8-12, 50% of whom will have a disability.

Various events are offered throughout the year including paint nights, Family Karaoke, Winter Formal, and Night to Shine.

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