Behavioral Health Services

Our Behavioral Health Service program is a successful, data-driven, and practice-proven initiative that draws upon the expertise of some of our most skilled program professionals. The successful relationships our staff forge with the young people they mentor are absolutely crucial in promoting positive youth development and sound mental health.

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Erin Ferrara

Behavioral Health Schedule: Spring 2024

  • EMOTIONS EXPLORERS — Mondays at 6 PM | Ages 5-7 | Marr Building


  • RADIANT REFLECTIONS: ART THERAPY — Mondays at 6 PM | Age 11-18 | McLaughlin Building



Social Work Services: Our focus revolves around empowering members to uncover and cultivate their unique strengths and passions, while equipping them with skills and strategies to navigate challenges. As advocates for holistic wellbeing, our Social Workers serve as a reliable support system for members and their families. We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic services and caregivers should feel free to reach out for support for themselves and/or their child.

Director of Social Work Services: Virginia Mahoney []

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  • DMH form required to participate.
  • Each group session focuses on curriculum skills derived from one of our 4 pillars: confidence, resilience, teamwork, and communication. Our mental health clinicians, known as “Coaches,” utilize play to foster these skills that can be transferred to the classroom and in the community.
  • A typical Chalk Talk group allows students to check-in with clinicians about how they are feeling and engage in activities that encourage them to work together, problem solve, communicate effectively, and overcome adversity.
  • Individual therapy services offered in partnership with MENTOR.
  • Requires formal intake process (typically takes 3 hours).
  • Sessions can take place at BGCD during after school/ enrichment hours.
  • Services are billed through individual insurance. If this is an issue for your family, please reach out to the Director of Behavioral Health.
  • Participation waiver required.
  • Groups will be formed based on Needs Assessment.
  • Topics addressed will include social skills, grief, self-esteem, bullying, coping skills, anger management, etc.