BGCD Keystone Club participates in Highland Street Philanthropy Initiative

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BOSTON, MA — Members of the Keystone Club were chosen to participate in the Highland Street Foundation‘s Youth Philanthropy Initiative. As part of the program members learn about the importance of philanthropy in giving to those in need. They were tasked with researching and choosing a non-profits a non-profit outside of the Club to make a donation.

This year, the members selected Hope & Comfort, an organization that provides hygiene essentials to those in need. Distributed items from Hope & Comfort reach 50,000 people annually. In addition to providing hygiene products, they also work with public schools and youth-serving organizations to educate about health and proper hygiene.

Congratulations to Hope & Comfort and best wishes on your efforts to support those in need.

Thanks to the Highland Street Foundation for making this program opportunity available to our members.

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