Dorchester Reporter August 30

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IBEW Local 103 and NECA Host BGCD as Bullpen Buddies at Fenway Park: Ten very lucky BGCD members attended a Boston Red Sox game last week thanks to the generosity of IBEW Local 103 and NECA.

Our members had the chance to go on the field, watch batting practice and also had the opportunity to meet and receive autographs from Boston Red Sox players Brock Holt, Steve Pearce, Xander Boegarts, Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez. Each member received a gift bag with a t-shirt, program, baseball and other memorabilia making the entire experience truly unforgettable.

Thanks to our friends at IBEW Local 103 and NECA for making this special opportunity available to our members. To learn more about what’s been happening here at the Club, visit us at

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Citi Boch Center Visits BGCD: In what has become an annual summer event, teens from the Citi Boch Center visited BGCD to put on a performance followed by a large group workshop. Each year the group puts on a performance based on a relevant social topic and follows that with small group workshops to help explain the background and significance of the performance.

Boch Center is committed to inspiring and igniting a greater appreciation for art, culture, and creativity through its education and community outreach initiatives for many years. These
initiatives strive to make the arts more accessible for the greater community, and to highlight the
tremendous impact of arts, culture, and creativity in our everyday lives.

Thanks to our friends at the Citi Boch Center for visiting again this summer.

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BGCD Wraps up Tween Inclusion Summer Program: This summer BGCD hosted a four week Inclusion Program for our Tween members. The group took a variety of off-site trips that included Hale Reservation, Rock Spot, Loco Taqueria, Kayaking, Fenway Park, Patriots Place, and much more.

The program included a variety of cultural, recreational and educational sites, outdoor exploration, fitness & nutrition activities. It is a program designed to accomodate and include youth at an age where they have outgrown traditional summer camp, but not quite old enough to begin working a summer job. It is also inclusive of our members with disabilites.

For information on BGCD’s Inclusion Program, including the upcoming Challenger Soccer program, please contact Maddie Butler at mbutler@bgcdorchester.

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Drop-in Membership Re-Opens
September 5
2 PM – 5:45 PM

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Service Day
September 21

Rodamn Ride for Kids
September 22