Dorchester Reporter News July 12

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State Street Volunteers: Volunteers from State Street came out last week for a day of service to Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester. The group generously spent a very hot morning outside our Clubs at our Deer Street and Dorchester Avenue locations.

The volunteers landscaped the areas around the buildings getting ready for our summer programming. Duties included weeding, trimming, mulching and sweeping the areas and playgrounds.

We are so appreciative of all the support State Street has shown for Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester over the last 5 years.

Thank you, State Street!

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Highland Street Foundation Philanthropy Program: Members of the BGCD Keystone and Torch Club Leadership programs came together to take part in the Highland Street Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Program. The program provides a curriculum on philanthropy and the opportunity to designate a recipient of a $5K donation based on the group’s research. After researching and visiting several non-profits, the group decided on the Jeremiah Program, another local non-profit doing great work in the Dorchester community. Thanks to all of the members of our leadership programs who took part and to the Highland Street Foundation for including BGCD. We wish the best to the Jeremiah Program as they continue to do their important work to better our community.

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Career Prep Program: This Summer, over 100 teen leaders will take part in the Career Prep program at BGCD. Participants attended several trainings prior to their July 9th start date. Teens will also be exposed to online financial literacy courses and resume writing workshops.

Thanks to our partners in the Career Prep program, including John Hancock’s MLK Scholars Program, Boston Private Industry Council, Mayor Martin Walsh and the Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, Partners for Youth with Disabilities, the Strive Program and Bank of America.

Congratulations to these youth who will serve as peer leaders and program support staff throughout the summer.

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Field Day

July 20

Safe Summer Streets Career Fair

July 25

6p -8p

Dorchester Yacht Club Harbor Cruise

July 26

College Alumni Night Cruise

August 1