Dorchester Reporter News: June 13

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Comcast Fair Play Day: We had a fun day last Thursday when Comcast came to the Clubs for Fair Play Day. Comcast NBC Sports are premiering a new documentary on June 29th at 8PM, called “Fair Play: Youth Sports in America” an inside look at the multi-faceted world of organized sports. As a lead up to the premier, they are partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs around the country to put on these fun days of play and conversation with youth in America. We’re beyond grateful that NBC Sports Boston in partnership with United Way presented us with a $50,000 check as part of the event. The kids had a great time playing games, getting to meet and play with basketball star Brian Scalabrine and soccer star Charlie Davies, and discussing all things sports! We definitely suggest checking out the documentary when it airs at the end of the month on NBC.

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Deloitte Family Fun: Last Friday we had a fun morning with Deloitte. Volunteers came for a Family Fun Day at the Marr Clubhouse, for their annual Impact Day. Impact Day is a celebration of Deloitte’s year-round commitment to local communities. Firms around the world host Impact Day activities where Deloitte professionals spend the day volunteering. For us, they set up bouncy houses, activities, and snacks, and all our early education members and families had a chance to play and enjoy. We also invited the families who have taken part in playgroups with Countdown to Kindergarten. It took place from 9AM-1PM and the kids (and adults) had a blast. Thank you so much to Deloitte for continuously supporting Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester and our community by volunteering year after year and getting out to participate in the neighborhood!

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Member Recognition Night: Each year we host a Member Recognition Night at the end of the school year for all our Clubhouses. This year’s event will be on June 21st at the Marr Clubhouse gym. Family and friends are invited to join us for refreshments while gathering to celebrate the achievements of our members throughout the year. Recognition is an important part of the Boys & Girls Club framework for positive youth development, and we strive to ensure that members at Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester are recognized for their effort and achievements throughout the year in front of their peers and in front of their family and friends. Awards are given for each program area, including sports, the arts, leadership, etc. Tickets to the recognition night dinner are available at the Clubs for families who would like to attend.

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