Dorchester Reporter News: April 5

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New Balance Gives Back: The New Balance Foundation has generously provided a $25,000 grant to Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester to support our Individual Fitness Program. This program includes diverse activities like our yoga, non-contact boxing, fencing and 1:1 swim lessons. They specifically fulfill a need that many of our members have, for taking part in fun and
engaging fitness opportunities without playing a team sport.

Healthy habits formed in childhood have lifelong benefits. Youth who live in the city often lack opportunities for safe outdoor play. We provide a choice of activities so that every child can be active in a way they enjoy.

Thank you to The New Balance Foundation for generously supporting these important fitness opportunities.

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Spring Program Begins: Each year, we offer program sessions in the fall, winter and spring, with seasonal program choices that keep members interested and allow them a chance to experience a variety of activities.

Our new spring session started this week. Programs include sports and fitness, like basketball, indoor soccer, wrestling, and fencing, as well as aquatics, nutrition and cooking, fine arts, music, dance, education, and teen specific activities. While all of our programs are inclusive, we will also offer the Martin Richard Challenger Baseball program, which is specifically designed to offer youth with disabilities an accessible baseball experience.

If you’re interested in signing up for Challenger Baseball, contact for information.

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New Wellness Class: For the first time this year we’re offering a Meditation & Wellness class, for grades 2-8 at the Marr Clubhouse. The class takes place on Thursday evenings at 6PM, and teaches members the fundamentals of meditation and enables them to take part in a relaxing meditation time each week. They also learn about other forms of wellness and what goes into taking care of your mind and body.

There is also a Meditation class specifically for girls at our Walter Denney Youth Center. That class takes place on Thursdays at 6PM and is open to girls ages 12-17. It is a great way for girls to relax and unwind during a busy week, and have a chance to reset their mind in a positive way and within a supportive environment. Members have been enjoying these new classes and we believe in the benefits they offer.

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April 6, doors open at 7PM
The Neighborhood Club of Quincy

Tuesday, April 10 at 6PM